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"Art is the language in which difficult things are said."

Faith is a self-taught artist with a Master’s Degree in Economics from Yale University. Having spent time in Singapore, China, UK and the US, Faith’s works are inspired by a wide range of subjects and styles, from Chinese ink paintings to impressionistic paintings by Monet, from cityscapes of New York to Chinese water towns. Her non- commissioned pieces, which have been exhibited and auctioned at events, are often inspired by her own personal stories. While not being shy of expressing her innermost feelings through her artworks, Faith prefers to leave the symbolism behind each painting to viewers’ interpretation. To her, great art happens when complex emotions and difficult subjects are translated into something relatable and beautiful while leaving most things unsaid.

Besides documenting her spiritual growth through painting, Faith is also a fully certified Pilates Instructor, and is blessed with two beautiful girls (and a bunny) who love art as much as she does. 

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